Purification of flue gas condensate

A significant contribution to increased energy efficiency in Sweden has been achieved through the extensive expansion of flue gas condensate systems at power/heat-producing facilities.

Flue gas condensate can be used to increase the utilisation of energy in the facility by up to 30% without requiring an increase to the fuel supply.

Together with Radscan Intervex AB, we are further refining standard membrane technology and have created a modern condensate purification method.

The pilot study shows that the new method has many important benefits. The degree of purification is so high that the filtrate can be returned to the process, which helps to reduce use of natural resources, thereby generating a financial gain.

The first larger installation was in the Åby plant in Örebro in the late autumn of 2002. In the spring of 2003, unit no. 2 was put into operation. Three more units were delivered in the autumn/winter of 2005. It is these full-scale projects that make continued growth and optimisation possible.