Good reviews

Production technician from Volvo Powertrain

“I got a lot out of the seminar. We are preparing to upgrade our purification system. It was interesting to learn about the technology available and the gains they offer. All of the lecturers were interesting, not to mention the subject matter. We are in a team building process ourselves. It was interesting to hear about Mercatus' experiences. It gave me insight that I will try to convey to our team. A Mercatus seminar is highly recommended.”

Designer from Malmkvist AB

“I got a lot more out of the seminar than I thought I would. It gave me interesting insight into how integrated Mercatus is in their work with different companies, the municipality, courses, etc. There is a lot to learn. The way that Mercatus makes use of the expertise in the company is also exciting. Even though Mercatus has a quite complicated product, the entire company is characterised by its simple manner.”

Production technician from Hydro Aluminium Fundo AB in Charlottenberg

“It is good to get the whole picture when it comes to purification problems and not just stare blindly at the bottom line. We are on the verge of investing in a purification system for washing fluid and I now have several selling points to take back with me. We were particularly well taken care of during the seminar. There was no 'dead time' that felt wasted. I highly recommend to anyone that they attend Mercatus seminars if they have the chance.”

ADR Transport in Sollentuna

“We have worked with Mercatus for a number of years. This seminar further strengthened my faith in the company and its employees. We purchased a new ultrafilter unit just yesterday, but it is good to know what other products and systems are available. Mercatus takes great responsibility after the deal is made and is great at delivery reliability.”

Production technician, Outokumpu Copper

“This is one of the best seminars I've ever attended. It was professionally set up with lecturers who know what they're talking about. They greet you personally and make you feel like an important customer.”