Work environment policy

Our organisation is its people and our work environment is to be characterised by a good atmosphere, participation and creativity. We shall work together to create a stimulating work environment. Our values, consideration, respect and openness will permeate the company and serve as the foundation for our personal work.

Working methods, systems and routines will be adapted so that they support, develop and help our employees – never vice versa.

Mercatus Engineering AB will be the ideal as a workplace – at home, during installation and at other temporary workplaces outside of our office – through:

  • All employees being able to feel satisfied with their job and that it is fun to go to work.

  • Respect for all people being a key concept and by keeping our relationships free of discrimination, offensive treatment and harassment.

  • All employees feeling appreciation, camaraderie and security. 

  • Values, norms and goals being clearly defined and accepted.

  • Enabling all employees to take on responsibility, develop as a person and develop their skills.

  • Risks and threats being continually discussed and eliminated in action & activity plans.

  • Striving to meet a higher standard than the minimum acceptable work environment standard laid out by legislation and work environment agreements.

Continual work environment efforts facilitating the supply of skills in the future and strengthening the Mercatus Engineering AB brand.