Quality policy

Mercatus Engineering AB is a specialist in meeting customer needs of clean process fluids. We develop, design, manufacture and market units and systems for recirculation, recycling and purification of industrial process fluids as well as for handling metal swarf.

Our customers are producing companies with no geographical limitation and are found in fields such as the manufacturing industry, surface treatment, printers, foundries and the thermal power industry.

We will work in close collaboration with our customers, enabling us to offer everything from partial solutions to whole concepts and take function responsibility from beginning to end.

  • Our products shall meet and satisfy customer requirements and expectations for specified function and performance.

  • Quality shall be so high and lasting that it contributes significantly to gaining new customers and business both today and in the future.

  • Systems and technologies shall be continually adapted and developed in collaboration with colleges, technical development centres and, of course, through close collaboration with customers and suppliers.

  • Our broad assortment together with the knowledge base we have built up over the past thirty years guarantees continuity, quality and long-term durability.

  • Our work shall be characterised by broad expertise, commitment and continual improvements to the quality management system and products based on a durability perspective.

  • Through follow-up of completed projects, surveys of customer satisfaction and close collaboration with our customers, we will ensure that we learn from our mistakes and continually develop in a positive direction.

  • Through the training and commitment of all employees, we take joint responsibility and ensure the content and development of the quality management system in the organisation.

  • The quality policy shall be a living document and will be modified and follow the development of the organisation.

We shall not tender or deliver products or systems we do not believe in.