Environmental policy

Environmental work is an important component of our business and is based on our own ethical values as well as increasingly stronger market and legislative requirements.

In our environmental work, we strive to ensure that our company and our customers' facilities are operated in a manner that minimises environmental impact. We strive to make continual improvements and take the environment into consideration when making all decisions.

All parts of our company must fulfil all requirements of applicable laws. Our environmental work entails the prevention of the generation and spread of contaminants at an early stage.

This work is based on the following objectives:

  • To train and motivate employees to encourage their participation and be able to affect their attitude towards environmental issues.

  • To set requirements regarding our suppliers' environmental work so that they are encouraged to offer us products and services that are as environmentally friendly as possible.

  • To increase suppliers' understanding so that they understand the big picture and their significance as a link in the value chain.

  • To increase the usefulness of our products in relation to their environmental impact by always seeing our products from a maintainable life cycle perspective.

  • To strive for low use of consumables, natural resources and energy.

  • To strive for little environmental impact from our trips and transportation.

  • To identify and follow applicable laws and maintain an open dialogue with interested parties to keep impact as low as possible.

  • To see environment-improving efforts as long-term investments.

Suppliers and other collaborative partners are an important link in the chain. We will actively work to ensure that they comply with our environmental policy to the greatest possible extent. This means that we are thorough in our choice of supplier or collaborative partner and our goal is long-term collaboration.