Policy following TAO

Clear boundaries increase freedom. The rules of our game are clear and create the external social boundary within which we all have the freedom to act. The general rules are described in our policy document and must be followed. It is everyone's responsibility to provide feedback when this does not occur. Instructions and routines are set out in our manuals.

The integrated management system's general policy is called TAO – Totalt Ansvar med Omtanke (total responsibility with consideration). A description of the policy documents that guide our actions is found below.

Our integrated management system, TAO, covers ethics, the environment, quality, development and work environment. In Chinese, TAO means “the way”. For us, it means total responsibility with consideration. Just as its Chinese meaning is the way, to us it is continual movement in the right direction.

We feel it is important to surround ourselves with creative and enthusiastic people. People who feel well and are content do a better job, accept greater responsibility and see opportunities instead of obstacles. A good work environment leads to higher quality, environmental awareness and satisfied customers.
Trust is the foundation of all human relationships. The foundation of our organisation is made up of norms and values based on Openness, Respect and Consideration. By this we mean...

  • Openness in the daily work of what we do and why – with each other, our customers and our collaborative partners.
  • Respect for one another's differences, gender, background, opinions and work tasks. There is no link in the chain that is more important than any other.
  • Consideration of humans, the environment and resources.

Our work is to be characterised by our basic values and common sense. We must treat our co-workers as we wish to be treated. We must care for and handle company resources as we would our own property. The company's finances are handled with the same consideration that we would use to make our own purchases.