No departments

You won't find traditional departments with us. All employees have a clear role based on skills, experience and desires linked to the company's needs.

In order to ensure that the outside world's demands for flexibility are met, engagement in one of the main processes – sales, production and aftermarket – is not static. Most workers have skills that span several skill areas. We feel it is vital that the customer is always in focus and we can easily adapt the working method to meet new conditions.

The organisation is marked by participation and most decisions are reached as a consensus.

In order to ensure broad and vast expertise in our decision, our management team consists of those responsible for the main processes. Furthermore, specific matters and development projects are handled in small permanent or temporary management teams.

The management teams make decisions in their respective area of responsibility. Management team activities and decisions are documented in a simple logbook that is available to all on the Intranet. In addition, information is provided verbally at the next weekly meeting.