Core values

Trust is the foundation of a successful result

The common core values constitute the platform on which we base our actions. It shows our ambitions and the image with which we wish to be associated. It shows how we stand out from the crowd and makes us an attractive supplier, collaborative partner and employer. Trust is the basis of human relationships.
Openness, respect and consideration serve as the foundation of our organisation.

Important components of our organisation 

  • The shared vision and common core values, which permeate all work and decisions.

  • Continual skills development, external training and internal spread of expertise. Experiences, mistakes and new knowledge are documented and are made available to all via our Intranet – Kalles. 

  • Our management model with clear roles and activities instead of titles generates job satisfaction. Processes instead of departments reduce reaction time and increase efficiency. Flexible management groups ensure quality and skills for our operation and development. 

  • Continued organisational development through discussions on goals, visions and core values.

With a basic philosophy of safeguarding and caring for our resources and organisation through the successful combination of teamwork and independence, we feel we have found the path to maintainable development. This has been in-depth work that has given us experiences we will gladly share.