Guiding principle and vision

Our guiding principle is commitment to everything we do

Commitment is our guiding star. It permeates all we do. Commitment to our employees, our customers, the environment, our collaborative partners and the world around us marks our daily lives and makes us an interesting partner. Projects or activities for which there is great commitment generate results while work without commitment is often just a waste of energy, results and time.

The vision must be conveyed and shared by everyone in the team

Today's vision is tomorrow's reality. Our vision for the future of the company is kept alive and modified at pace with development, both at home in our organisation and in the outside world. A well thought-out vision is shared by everyone in the organisation.

Our vision is to use creative, competent and healthy employees to help us become the ideal when it comes to environmental technology and working methods – both nationally and internationally.

The owners' vision is for Mercatus to become a secure employer and stable supplier through long-term profitability. The brand shall stand for quality and be synonymous with a high level of technology and a sound organisation. Our strength is anchored in our team.