Facts in brief

Mercatus is privately owned and has 24 employees. Growth is stable. Since 1996, turnover has grown from 10 MSEK to approximately 65 MSEK.


To be the ideal when it comes to environmental technology and working methods.


To share our positive experiences.

Business concept

To use solid knowledge of our customers' processes to propose and deliver the right technology for the purification and recycling of contaminated fluids to industries, waterworks, thermal power plants and help organisations on a global scale.

With the two product branches – swarf management/cutting fluid purification for metalworking and manufacturing industries and process fluid purification with membrane technology, evaporators and ion exchangers for industry as well as heating and water purification plants, we have unique and broad expertise. From small mobile units to complete systems to complete an entire process.

By entrusting all manufacturing to carefully selected Swedish subcontractors, we retain our flexibility and can concentrate on what we do best – technological development, design, construction, delivery, commissioning, service and aftermarket.

Within the well-equipped and totally renovated premises lies the heart of our operations – the “test corner” where both process fluid and swarf are test run prior to tender. This is also where a great deal of technological development takes place – often in collaboration with customers, research institutes, colleges and universities.

Factors for success

  • Persevering in what we do with a focus on the long term
  • Common vision and core values of all employees
  • Skilled and creative employees
  • Independent of technology and/or a specific supplier
  • Continual R&D projects