Business concept

“To deliver the right technology for purification and recycling of contaminated fluids to industries, waterworks, thermal power plants and help organisations on a global scale.”

A future without clean water looks bleak. Using the latest technology, we build facilities and systems for the recycling and purification of process fluid for small and large manufacturing companies.

Our vast experience has given us a leading position in two main areas:

Swarf management, briquette pressing and cutting fluid purification for both the manufacturing and the metalworking industries. Units with a capacity of 50 litres/minute to central systems that supply 10,000 litres/minute to an entire machinery assembly.

Membrane technology for the purification and recycling of process fluid, water, energy and material from industry, waterworks and thermal power plants. Module-based system from 150 litres/hour up to 448,000 litres/hour.

With the right solution, you can gain both time and money while at the same time improving the work environment and reducing the amount of waste released into the environment. Read more under Systems & Technology, where you will find products and systems and can read about how we take responsibility for everything from development, design and project planning to delivery and commissioning.